Friday, May 25, 2012

Maricar Reyes is fucking gorgeous

Maricar Reyes nude

Who will not be captivated with Maricar Reyes' beauty? She is one of the prettiest faces in Philippine show business today and everybody desires her. She was a med student or in pre med when she met Hayden Kho and eventually got "fucked". 

Maricar Reyes has got a face that will catch everybody's attention. She has that delicate chin and high cheekbones girls always want to possess. She has rose red lips that's emphasized by her complexion, its crazy she has everything that will describe a woman pretty. She is kind of thin in my opinion when I saw her TV shows but in this sex video (well, she's all naked), her body is as sexy as the sexiest.

In this video, she and Hayden Kho tinker with the laptop so I assume she participates willingly in taping the sex video. They try out different sex positions all over the room and they moan in the satisfaction of their desires. Maricar Reyes is so beautiful, i wish i were the one having sex with her lol. It's good she didn't shave her pussy, I like watching porn with girls having pubic hair. Maricar  Reyes was so exposed in this video, her legs were spread eagle as she was sitting on top of the guy, him entering her from the rear. Hayden Kho's hands finger her clitoris and play with her wiry pubes, this really turns a lot of people on. I'm having a hard on just writing this and I never tire of watching it.

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