Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Myles Hernandez sex scene

Myles Hernandez' first time sex

A Filipino sex fantasy that has come to the mind of everybody  is deflowering a lovely voluptuous maiden like Myles Hernandez. This actress possesses the loveliest pair of melons Iv'e ever seen in Philippine cinema. They are large are oh so natural, they are such a sight to behold.She has such a lovely face too, one that can hypnotize and I wouldn't mind doing anything in exchange of getting in bed with her.

In this scene, she has sex with some guy and man, is he lucky. He got to see her full naked body (her pussy is not shown in the movie, but the dude saw it) and got to touch her, kiss her, kiss her jugs... Daaaammmmnnnn!!!! I wish that was me kissing Myles Hernandez. This movie is entitled First time so if you want to see the full length movie, there must be a link out there to download the movie.

Myles Hernandez' first time sex


In this scene, Myles Hernandez is a virgin and gives herself to a jerk. The guy promises to be gentle but after the first penetration, he fucks her hard and fast. She pretty much enjoys it and audiences will be treated to a great scene here. Her jugs jiggle as he's fucking her plus her legs are seen to be so rounded. Fuuucckkkkk I wish I could have a girl like Myles Hernandez.