Monday, May 21, 2012

Philippine sex scandals

Filipino sex videos

I remember when I was in college and all of my friends had gorgeous girlfriends. They were all so pretty and were very unlucky to have had my friends as lovers. I mean, my friends are good looking and smart and had money but most of them were assholes. They often shared stories about their sex life with all of us and even elaborated with the details. When we get together at their boarding houses, we often drink and share things about what went on in school but when the booze kicks us hard, the topics now change and center about sex and relationships. Back then, it was fun listening to their stories and it got me really horny and I enjoyed how they described their sex acts. I know now that my friend's girlfriend had a big mole on her right butt cheek and that my asshole friend used to kiss that a lot. The girl used to do things a whore usually does too. Things became different whenever i saw my friends' girlfriends, it's like I lost a bit of respect for them. It was like I see them as "naked" already. It was kind of strange and I knew it was not right but somehow i felt like those pretty girls had lost something and did not deserve my full respect. I know, I know it's wrong to think that but I'm trying to change that. It was just a shame that those beautiful girls who are smart and charming were... you know fucked. Fucked by shithead friends of mine who presented them to the world "naked".

Well anyway enough of that and let's just proceed to some porn. Man, I really hate boys who elaborate sex with their friends and secretly tape their sex acts. So to all girls, this serves as warning. If you tape your sexcapades make sure you yourself keep them and that no other copies are made. Prevent it from leaking in the internet or else me and all the horny motherfuckers in the world will drool over watching your nude body.

Here's some Filipino sex videos of college couples doing it after classes in their boarding houses. The girls knew and participated in taping it but had no idea their douche-bag boyfriends were going to publish it in the internet. In the news, I've watched many girls appealing to the authorities to stop these videos from circulating but sadly nothing can be done. I write this blog and present these videos both to serve as warning that this can happen to you and of course I'm also an asshole who loves porn. So enjoy.


This Filipino Sex video is from a bunch of college guys who got together in their boarding house and decided to film their sexcapade with a single girl. I really hate to think the girl was one of the guys' girlfriends, that would mean she's really cheap and some sort of trash. I more of believe she's a whore who was paid real big to do this sex video and had the guys take turns at her.


This Filipino scandal is from Makati. A girl is dancing naked and got fucked by some guy who didn't show his face. Girls always get the shorter end of the stick in these cases. Sex videos are made but it's the girl's face that's always shown. So when the video comes out, it's the girl whose always put to shame.



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