Sunday, May 27, 2012

More of the pretty Aya Medel

Aya Medel is one hot Filipina

"The Papaya Queen", Aya Medel is a sex goddess to me. She is so hot I'd probably melt when next to her. Have I mentioned she has that hot mocha color of a complexion? Have I already mentioned she has large, natural, firm, real, rounded delicious breasts? Oh wow I get a hard on just mentioning those things right now. In Philippine cinema, her huge breasts have been touched, cupped, pressed, kissed and licked. Damn, I wish I was her man.

Look at her pictures here, I'm pretty sure you'll like her instantly. She's a real Filipina beauty who I wish can be mine.

Nude Philippine Actress


  1. What movie is the 1st picture from?

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