Saturday, May 26, 2012

Nina Jose Sexy Dance

Nina Jose is the girl of my dreams

Young and talented Nina Jose is one of the leaders of upcoming super stars of Philippine cinema. She is tall, sexy and absolutely beautiful. She was first known as a housemate in the Philippines' version of Big Brother and ever since, she has attracted the attention of every Filipino.

This sexy young actress has a bright future ahead of her and I hope she accepts mature roles to further boost her celebrity status. She once posed for a men's magazine and when interviewed if she'd agree to kissing scenes and sexy scenes, she answered she'd consider it and most probably do daring roles if the project asks her to. Upon reading that, I'm very sure a lot of men's hearts raced and they probably wished Nina Jose would right on get those movie roles very very soon.

In this video, Nina Jose was a contestant at a TV show's celebrity dancing contest. She is a bubbly young lady and full of energy. Her blouse is also full of beautiful stuff which I wish one day she'd show in movies. She proceeds to dance and it's obvious she's very talented. While dancing you can see her ripe breasts bouncing so deliciously under her clothes but were threatening to get loose every moment. I personally thought there was going to be a nip slip or something, it was so close to happening but alas, it didn't.

Nina Jose's bouncing boobs


Man, you can see her lovely shape in this video and I hope some other guys post videos of her in swimsuits or something less. As she was dancing, her large and promising breasts were making heavenly movements of their own, they were dancing to the music... they wanted to break free from her dress that was hampering their movement, they wanted to be liberated, Nina Jose's breasts wanted dance and bounce freely... oh it was so beautiful.