Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Filipina Actresses Nude pictures

Nude Filipina Actresses in artistic poses

Don't you just love actresses who feel confident about their bodies and their sexuality? The following Filipina actresses definitely showed they were secure, certain and positive about themselves. Aya Medel, the woman who's smiling in most of the pictures is my favorite among the three. She can act real well and in my opinion the prettiest here.

The three actresses were very young when these photos were taken, they were probably around 20 then. I just love Aya Medel. In her movies, she carried her characters and conveyed every line with emotion. In physical appearance, she is simply stunning. I've seen her once in person while shooting a movie. Dang, she's so sexy and cool. She has dark but smooth skin, the kind that's hot and what all Caucasians desire to have.