Friday, June 15, 2012

Old pictures of Vivian Velez' sex tape

Vivian Velez had one fucking great sex scandal!

True man! Vivian Velez, miss body beautiful was the fantasy of every living man in the Philippines in the 80s. Damn she was the it girl back then and she was so freaking hot. She has the face of a real Filipina beauty and sets of talents that made her famous in the silver screen. She has an awesome body. Her curvy features are 100% real and possesses a skin complexion that's an envy of Hollywood stars. 

In this picture, she has sex with a prominent man much older than she was. It was believed that she was only about 18-20 when this sex video was made. Fuck, whoever that man is, he was very lucky to have nailed a goddess. If I were him I'd never have let her go.

This is her now after so many years. She's still beautiful and her curvy features are still ever so great.