Thursday, June 14, 2012

Old sexy pene movie scene

Pene movies of the 80s and late 70s

"Pene" is term indicating a genre of film in the Philippines. It's short for penetration, as movies in the late 70s and early 80s incorporated unsimulated sex in scenes. The actual penetration, cunnilingus and masturbation was clearly shown in mainstream films such as "Sabik".

The Philippine regulating board for film tried to ban or control these kinds of movies but didn't quite succeed. In a few theaters, full length "pene" films were actually shown and were distributed in betamax tapes. Some "pene" movies had deleted actual sex scenes but when sold in betamax, those deleted scenes were actually shown in the after credits. The sex scenes were hot I tell you. Talented actors who actually knew how to act engaged in actual, real and unfaked sex. Damn damn damn! Shit! You can see guys penises penetrate beautiful women's pussies in these mainstream films.

In one documentary, actors were asked why they participated in these kinds of movies and most of them said it was only going to be some sort of stepping stone. They said there was art in these kinds of films and truly I agree. I watched one of these movies and there was a good story and moral in it. As I said the actors were talented (George Estregan and Maureen Mauricio were among those) and they can deliver lines with convincing emotion and point.



Have you watched other pene films in the past or recently? Do you have links or a blog where I can see them? I'd appreciate it if we shared movies like these. Pene films are not smut in my opinion but had genuine art in them.


  1. hello all,

    It's difficult to post sex scenes in youtube for their admin deletes them immediately. Second of all once that happens, whoever posted those can be banned therefore losing the chance to post again. There are many old sex videos around the net si I suggest have patience in searching. Try typing in "pene" films to get more relevant results. There are porn films that feature actresses in Philippine movies too.

  2. you can go to Quaipo. I was there recently and was surprised that they still produced pene movies dvds for sale.

  3. where exactly at quiapo? thanks

    1. actually nakatago n un s mga shop...
      bumili lng aq s isang blogger and he sold it for 1k for 10vids... worth nman xa i-watch
      guz2 mu benta q n lng xeo lhat for 500...

      just text me then kita n lng tau... 09298968025


    2. matagal konanag hinahanap ang mga peni movies baka miron kapa pwedi maka bili... just text me. 09993864491

  4. wow.....i can't believe that old filipino sex films actually shows the pussy?

  5. Si Joy Sumilang yung pangalawa.